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Market in Tokyo

In 2018, Tokyo's famed Tsukiji Inner Market was replaced by a newer, more modern establishment, Toyosu Market (豊洲市場, Toyosu Shijō). Located on the island in Koto, east of the city center, and accessible via the JR train line.

The huge wholesale market consists of three main buildings: two buildings for seafood, and one for fruits + vegetables. All buildings are connected to each other and the Shijo-mae Station via walkways, and visitors can enter them along dedicated routes and view the action from observation windows that look onto the auction and wholesale halls for tuna without getting in the way of the business. Although it will no longer feel as authentic as being in the mix with the vendors, it's important to remember that they’re here to do business.


Building 1: The Seafood Auction Building
Here’s where the action happens. This is the building where the tuna auctions take place between around 5:30 and 6:30 in the mornings. It consists of two main halls: the hall for tuna auctions and the hall where seafood other than tuna is auctioned. For tourists, the building complex houses a small restaurant area and many windows and an observation deck to view the auctions.  


Building 2: The Seafood Wholesale Building

This is the building where the many wholesale businesses have their shops and sell seafood to licensed buyers. While the wholesale market is off-limit to regular visitors, this building offers tourists several attractions on its upper floors including a restaurant area, Uogashi Yokocho Wholesale Market (for gifts, goods, and packaged foods), and a Rooftop Garden to enjoy Tokyo’s waterfront.


Building 3: Fruit and Vegetables Building
Here is where everything non-fish related happens. Visitors can glimpse into the veggie dealings and even check out a couple more restaurants if they wish.


Admission is free of charge, and those wanting to see the busy auction are advised to get there at 4:30am daily, when the action starts. No tickets are needed this time. Just find a good spot on the platform and enjoy!


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