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Neighborhood in Tokyo

Best known for electronic products and home to Otaku culture. Walking down the street of Akihabara is simply entertaining even if you are not into Japanese Otaku culture. Here you’ll find everything and anything relating to videogames, anime, electronics, and more. There are many shops carrying everything from toy models to the latest high-tech devices, costume stores, maid cafes. Akihabara is the place to see the whole new experiences- which can be both very unique and crazy in a good way.


Akiba Fukurou

owl cafe

Fantasy-like Owl “Cafe” (not for food), where for 1500 yen, you can spend an hour relaxing with a beautiful owls listening to soft, classical music. -- It’s not for everyone, but a very unique experience if you love animals- and one of the most popular things to do among Japanese tourists. If interested, make sure you make a reservation in advance.

Maid Cafe Chubby 1.jpg

Maid Cafe's

Part of the otaku-loving culture, Maid Cafe's are a real thing in Akihabara! The women are dressed up as maids, and serve guests in outrageous, frilly costumes... and call you “Master”(goshujin-sama). Some of the best ones we were told to check out: Home Cafe, Maidreamin, and Pinafore.

Kanda Myojin Shrine 1.jpg
Mandarake 1.jpg


Go kart_ .jpg

Mario Kart

We didn’t do this, but saw many people driving them around the city. There are places where you can dress up as a Mario Kart characters and drive around the streets of Tokyo... we know we should have gone

mAAch ecute .jpg

Manseibashi Bridge

Shopping and restaurant area located inside a renovated, abandoned train station. With many craft and cultural shops, plus cute cafes and bars; It’s true hidden gem for those seeking a peaceful escape in a heart of this high-energy area.

Kanda Myojin Shrine

One of the most popular shrines in Japan, its said to bring luck in business, family and in finding a future spouse, and also offer protection from bad luck and competition


Mandarake is one of the longest-standing and largest anime and manga stores not only in Japan, but the entire world. It’s filled with all sorts of toys, collectibles, games and more.


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