Every Foodie’s Must-Have’s

As a food & travel blogger, our days are packed with constant traveling in search of the best things to eat, drink, and places to see. Whether we’re trekking from Manhattan to Brooklyn, or from Tokyo to Kyoto, we are always on-the-go.

While scrolling through @NoLeftovers, it seems like every bite is just as glamorous as it is delicious…but let it be known, that isn’t always the case.

Through many, many messes and mishaps, we’ve finally nailed this whole thing down (for the most part)- thanks to a few of our must-have items that no foodie should ever be without!

  1. Backup Charger — Searching for the best dumplings around, navigating there & snapping photos can suck our phone batteries dry- we never leave home without a portable phone charger!

  2. Mints/Chewing Gum- We love garlic, and really can’t say no to whatever spices are thrown our way! — but that doesn’t mean we want to be smelling like it all day long :)

  3. Glasses Cleaner/ Lens Cloth- Admittedly, there was a time when we attempted to get an overhead shot of a deep dish pizza,…and well let’s just say that fancy camera lens never quite worked the same….But even a little smudge or fingerprint can blur up a great picture. We always carry a glass-safe cloth to wipe our lenses clean before a shot.

  4. Kleenex Wet Wipes- These wipes have become our absolute lifesaver for pretty much all our foodie adventures. Walking around with a melty ice cream cone…sticky sauce on that peking duck wrap… or even that questionable mess left on the table from whoever was there before….These wet wipes keep us feeling clean on-the-go and never saying no to extra toppings.

  5. Payment Options. Nowadays there are countless ways to pay at most places, but as a foodie looking for the best of the best, it’s important to always keep some cash. Chances are the mom & pop scoop shop or your diner waitress prefers it. Our other favorite ways to pay:Venmo or Apple Pay. Save some time when splitting the bill by having one friend charging on their card, and splitting the bill with Venmo.

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