Neighborhood in Tokyo

Tokyo’s version of Madison Avenue in New York City, Ginza is known as a high-end shopping district where you can find a range of designer boutiques, luxury brands, and department stores. With both traditional Japanese architecture and modern buildings, Ginza is also home to many of Tokyo’s Michelin-star restaurants and is also walking distance to the legendary Tsukiji Fish Market.

Ginza Shopping District

Ginza is filled with all types of shopping: Luxury fashion houses (Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc), Trendy boutiques (Dover Street Market), Casual retailers (Uniqlo, Zara, GU, etc) and GREAT department stores (Mitsukoshi, Ginza Six) which have incredible food courts (called Depachikas) inside them. The main shopping street, Chuo-Dori (Central Avenue) is closed to cars for pedestrians to walk freely on weekends and is lined up with massive stores, street performers and souvenir shops. 


Check out some of our favorites below... (link to map below)

Tsukiji Outer Market 


Kabuki-Za Theater

The biggest Kabuki theatre in Japan, Kabuki-Za is an incredible building that truly embodies the Tokyo ways of classic meets current. It was originally built in 1889, and has since been renewed 5 times now to modernize and to incorporate the spirit of the times. It’s an incredible building to see and, if you have time to go and enjoy an traditional Japanese Dance performance.


Tokyo’s fish market is the largest in the world and hosts an elaborate array of food stalls, shops, and more types of seafood than you can even imagine! We visited the notorious Tuna Auction at 5am just before the wholesale markets’ relocation in late 2018, and it was an experience we’ll never forget. The alleyways are filled with jetlagged tourists lining up for amazing sushi breakfasts and street snacks. While the traditional wholesale market has recently moved away, many of the outer market stalls remain in the same location, in addition to local restaurants, vendors and shops.

We're sad to see it go, but excited to check out the new market on our next trip!




steakhouse $$$$


steakhouse $$$$

Ginza Kyubey

sushi $$$$

Sushi Ya

sushi $$$$

Ginza Sushi Ko

sushi $$$$

Tempura Abe

tempura (michelin-starred) $$$

Tempura Fukamachi

tempura $$

Mugi to Olive

ramen (michelin) $$

ramen $

Quil Fait Bon Grand Maison

bakery, cafe $$

Cafe de l’Ambre

coffeeshop, cafe $

Tsukiji Outer Market

street vendors, sushi, yakitori $$

Sake no Ana

sake bar, restaurant $$

Bar High Five

cocktail bar $$

Gado Shita

area of small izakayas under the train tracks $

Andy’s Shin Hinomoto

izakaya, bar $


cocktail bar $$

Star Bar Ginza

cocktail bar $$


Dover Street Market

high fashion, streetwear

Kit Kat Chocolatory & Cafe

candy store, cafe 

Ginza Six

department store

Tokyu Plaza Ginza (東急プラザ銀座)

shopping mall


department store

Ginza Itoya (銀座伊東屋)

18-floor stationary store

Atmos Ginza

sneaker store



hotel $$$$



hotel $$$$


Marunouchi Hotel

hotel $$



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